All the little things they don’t talk about when running a business [Ep17]

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In the last episode we talked about the right mindset to approach running a business with.

Today we will talk about all the little things people look over when thinking about running a business.

You know all the normal things that come into running a business


  • Investors
  • Team
  • Networking
  • Advisors



  • Team
  • Macro
  • Raising cap

Building your product



But then there is a bunch of stuff you often forget about. You will have a million little things to do.

  • You will check in on your teams' progress
  • Reply to their questions
  • Organize meetings between different teams
  • Onboard people
  • Daily check-in meetings
  • Things run over, people reschedule,
  • Emails in the middle of a meeting
  • Keeping meeting minutes for every meeting

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