Batch record or release as soon as its done and the importance of what you enjoy the most [Ep29]

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In the last we talked about what why am I doing this podcast. So essentially the motivation behind it.

In this episode I want to talk about batch recording or doing content on the day

I was on a podcast today that will come out sometime in early August. I really enjoyed it.

Made me thinking about batch recording episodes

  • You can stick to a rigid schedule
  • For something where you only do interviews it makes scheduling easier, etc.

Let’s you be more dynamic

  • Fun for me
  • etc.

Sometimes you talk to people that batch produce a lot of content so they can then slowly output it. I feel like that wouldn’t work for me. i can see the point of consistency, but as soon as I make the content I want it out there. So what is better.

Pick a solution you enjoy. Since if you don’t enjoy it you won’t stick with it for long enough for it to make a difference

I recently saw a tweet saying

“The unavoidable truth about startups is that you end up doing things because you have to, not because you want to. Freedom to do what you want doesn’t come with the title of founder, contrary to what you might think.”

  • I think’s that’s just bulshit. You are building towards a goal you want,
  • So anything you do towards it is because you want to get to that end goal, not because you have no other choice.

You have no choice when your child is sick and your only option is to get a second job so you can afford the medical care they need. You absolutely have a choice with your startup

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