Company culture and why it matters [Ep18]

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In the last episode, we talked about all the little things people look over when thinking about running a business.

Today we are going to talk a bit about company culture.

I by no means know enough to tell you how to go about developing your company culture. At fair we were fortunate enough to find an expert who could help us with it, but I do believe I can talk about the value of company culture and the balance between a culture that works for you and what’s commonly thought of as good culture.

Fear of having a toxic culture that overworks people

Banking example where people work ridiculous hours and still want the jobs

Grouping people around a common goal where they have a positive impact makes them more satisfied. The same way a united enemy does in politics

I do want to make more episodes about this, but I want to end on this. As a founder, the most important thing is that the company culture works for you. It has to be something you like and are comfortable with since if you start to hate the work then there is no saving the company.

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