Picking your co-founder [Ep9]

Welcome to Quan2m! the Podcast every STEM student should be listening to. Covering everything from what’s going on in the world of science, interviewing people with STEM majors and what they have gone on to do. To talking about finance, careers and business.

In the last episodes we talked about building out your team.

Today we will talk about how to pick your co-founders

Do you need a co-founder?

  • Look at the skills you need for the plan you have and figure out where you have your gaps
  • If those gaps are not something you can fill by the team you hire then you need a co-founder
  • The team you hire at the start are like your small co-founders so its a balance of what makes sense to you
  • Are you going to grow your team right away or are you waiting for funding

Factors for picking

  • How well you work together
  • Do you trust them
  • How much value do they bring



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Allison Mahmood

Allison Mahmood


Undergrad Physics student, founder of fair, and host of Quan2m podacst